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We enjoyed looking after a number of properties for Mike. Being student properties they are often more challenging to manage, so it was essential we kept our finger on the pulse, and kept Mike informed along the way.

I have used Robyn's services since 1998. For me it's the comfort of knowing that someone has my best interests at heart. I can rest assured Robyn will oversee all aspects of my investment, around the clock

Mike Pero
Founder Mike Pero Mortgages



We have been proud to assist Glen and Deb and watch their portfolio grow.

With expertise and proven experience, Real Property Management have taken the stress out of owning rental properties. We have confidence that our properties are in the hands of professionals. They have been proactive, reliable and genuine, and we wouldn't be without them.

G and D Coughlan



Jeremy managed his own student properties before bringing them to our company to take the stress away from him. Its been a pleasure watching his portfolio grow.

I have complete confidence in Robyn and her property management skills. I know she is as passionate about my investments as I am

J Heathfield
Property Investor, Christchurch



The Bell family were one of our very first clients. Its been wonderful watching their children grow together with their investment portfolio and our company.

Robyn Fantham has professionally managed our rental properties for 12 years. She is friendly, obliging and the service is superb. She deals with all tenant issues, fills vacancies quickly and handles any problems that occur from time to time. We are advised quickly if there is any need for us to become involved. What more could you ask?

A Bell
Property Investor - Amberley



Darren and Linda came to us when they were transferred to Auckland and needed their own home tenanted and managed. Being out of town clients meant they had to place a lot of faith in our services. We've developed a great rapport with them and enjoy catching up when they visit.

Robyn provides a good personal approach, fair and firm. Its nice to have confidence in her ability to deal with anything that comes up.

D and L Bentley
Property Investors, Auckland



The Banks came to us because they weren't happy with the service provided by their existing property manager. We managed their homes until they were successful in selling them to be developed.

Since using Robyn's service the occupancy rate of our properties has been at an all time high. We feel that Robyn has at all times worked in our best interest.

G Banks
Property Investor - Christchurch



Jacqui was referred to us by one of our trades people and was getting frustrated at arranging renovations from overseas. It was a pleasure to take over and assist her with this, locate tenants, and manage the home until it later sold.

Right from the beginning we have been impressed with Robyn's promptness in dealing with tenant matters, her honesty, and business-like attitude and professionalism. We live in Phoenix, Arizona and do not worry about our property.

J Madsen-Nigri
Property Investor - USA