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The rental process

In the first instance we ask that you follow the "viewing instructions" on the advertisement.

When we show you through the property we will provide you with a rental application form and information sheet. An application form needs to be completed by each person wishing to reside in the property. You then need to make an appointment to deliver your forms, together with photo identification, to our office.

If your application is successful you will be asked to secure the tenancy by paying your first weeks rent. If you need to obtain this from Work and Income we can discuss deposit options with you.

We require a bond which must be paid prior to your tenancy commencing. The bond amount will depend on various circumstances. Please contact one of our property managers to discuss your bond requirement.

We can also provide you with details on how to get your power, phone and other services connected in one easy step without paying a power bond PLUS discount vouchers which could include free sky installation, free modem, etc.

Office hours

Our office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, however due to the nature of our job it is not always possible for our office to be attended. To ensure we are able to assist you with your enquiry please phone first to arrange an appointment prior to visiting the office.

Starting your tenancy

At the beginning of your tenancy you will be given a welcome pack containing information you will need to start your tenancy. Some of the documents you will receive are a copy of your tenancy agreement, the details of who to contact when you have a maintenance problem, and a copy of the property condition report. You will have already paid your first weeks rent, and when picking up the keys and signing the tenancy documentation you will be required to pay your bond. The bond is lodged with the Department of Building and Housing and held in trust until the end of your tenancy.


Inspections are conducted at three monthly intervals. You will receive written notice prior to the inspection, in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.


It is very important that you inform us immediately of any maintenance issues at the property. In fact, it is a requirement of the Residential Tenancies Act that you do so. Unless it is very urgent maintenance we ask that you contact us during office hours. You can also email us or send us a text message. Information about who to contact will be in your Welcome Pack.


We strongly recommend that you take out some personal insurance to protect your belongings at the property. The insurance may also provide you with liability cover should you or a visitor to your property accidentally or carelessly cause damage to the property.

Ending your tenancy

We prefer our tenants on fixed term tenancies. This provides you with security and certainty of both the length of your tenancy and your rent rate. Your tenancy agreement clearly states the date in which your lease will expire. We will contact you prior to this date to discuss the options of renewal. Should you need to be released from your fixed term tenancy there will be information in your welcome pack regarding this. If you are on a periodic tenancy (a tenancy with no fixed end date) you are required to give 21 days written notice. 4 working days must also be allowed for postage, in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.