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Tenant selection

We have experienced knowledge on tenant selection and undertake extensive tenant checks which access up to 5 national data bases. We also obtain a detailed rental application and a copy of photo identification.

Tenant management

Our tenants are treated with respect and courtesy, and the tenancy is always managed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. We strive to develop and maintain a good relationship with our tenants, friendly yet professional, as we understand tenant retention has a positive impact on your rental return.

Tenancy termination

We will keep you informed if a tenant wishes to vacate, or a tenancy is terminating, and update you on the advertising process.

Rent collection

We process our property management account bank statements daily. This account operates independently from our business account. Rental payments are recorded in our customised property management software. You will be given secure log in details to enable you to access all your property transactions together with other information.

Rent arrears

We have a zero tolerance policy to rent arrears. We have strict procedures in place for dealing with rent arrears that include contacting the tenant via phone, email and texts, visits to the property if required, issuing 14 day notices and Tenancy Tribunal applications.

Property Inspections

A comprehensive condition report is completed at the commencement of the tenancy and is used at the bond inspection which eliminates any dispute about the property condition at the end of the tenancy.

Regular inspections are also conducted at three-monthly intervals and you are provided with a detailed report.

Repairs and maintenance

We have experience with repairs, renovations, insulation and heating, plus established relationships with trustworthy trades people. We will organise all repairs and maintenance on your behalf. You can elect to nominate your own trades people if you prefer.

Rental payouts

We deposit rental payments twice monthly directly into your designated bank account via internet banking.

Payment of expenses

All maintenance and other property related expenses are paid directly from the rent and detailed on your monthly statement. Rates and insurance can be paid on your behalf.

Your financials

Monthly statements are provided after the end of each month detailing all rental income and expenses. You can also view these transactions online at anytime during the month. At the end of the financial year a summary is provided for your accountant. Our management fees are 100% tax deductable.

Our technology

We have a fully computerised property management system that records all financial transactions and contact history with owners and tenants, including inspections and maintenance. Our software providers constantly work on changes and improvements to the software and provide us with regular updates.