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Real Property Management Ltd

Initially formed in 1998 under the name of "Robyn Fantham Property Management Ltd", Real Property Management Ltd is an independent business solely focused on residential property management.

Our mission is to provide a professional, quality property management service for our clients, allowing them to maximise the potential of their investment and minimise the risk, whilst also providing a service that respects tenants rights.

Furthermore the shareholders of Real Property Management have their own investment property portfolios so are experienced at the practise as well as the theory involved in successful property management.

Robyn Fantham
Managing Director & Senior Property Manager

Robyn has been involved with the Residential Tenancies Act since it was formed in 1986. At this time she was employed in the District Court and was one of the first people to attend the Tenancy Tribunal in her role as "court clerk". From there Robyn moved on to work for a local property management company using her specialist debt collecting knowledge to assist them with arrears. In 1998 Robyn started her own company which continued to grow primarily from referrals from existing clients. In 2006 Robyn was joined by an exciting mix of shareholders. Their combined knowledge of marketing, property investment and property management are an asset to the company.

Robyn's District Court background provides specialist knowledge on the legal aspects of property management and has also given her experience in dealing with a diverse range of people. As a home owner of 32 years she also has extensive knowledge of repairs and maintenance.

When Robyn is not working she takes every opportunity to engage in her passion for the outdoors and spending time in her garden and with her pets.


Michael Fantham
Letting Agent

10 years ago, when the company reached the point of needing more staff it seemed natural to employ Robyn's son Michael. After all, he had been observing Robyn deal with tenants and owners since he was 8 years old. Michael has excellent administration and business skills having completed a Diploma in Business Studies, specialising in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Michael has excellent communication skills and excels in building positive relationships with our tenants and owners alike.


Vanessa Chapman
Property Manager

Vanessa has recently joined our company as a Property Manager. With over twenty years' experience in administration, including working in the building industry and five years in the EQC programme, Vanessa has an excellent understanding of property repairs and maintenance.

When she's not working, Vanessa enjoys spending time with family and friends, music and singing, travelling and interior design. After recently becoming engaged Vanessa is busy planning a wedding and is kept on her toes with a ten year old daughter and three step sons. 



Taylor Staines
Property Manager 

It seemed like a natural progression to move Taylor into a Property Manager's role after gaining vital experience as our administrator. Taylor's background in the electrical and heating industry has been instrumental in her transition into this role, and she has assisted all of us with this expertise. 

Taylor is also the proud mother to a 1 year old son and is about to take on the task of building her own home.